Desert Rain™ Fountain Specs

Below are the specifications for our fountains. Use this information to decide what type of fountain you would like us to design for you. Also see our nozzles and lights specifications.


Onshore Fountains
Part Number
Voltage (Single Phase)
115 / 230
115 / 230
208 / 230
208 / 230
Full Load Amps
16 / 8
21 / 10.5
18.2 / 16.3
21.5 / 19.8

The Onshore system includes control panel (NEMA 3R box with timer, GFCI, surge protection, breakers), swimming pool pump, polyethylene floats, stainless steel crossbar, choice of solid brass nozzle, nylon ropes for anchoring, 25 feet of 3" PVC suction hose with fittings for intake, 100 feet of fire hose with fittings for discharge, stainless steel intake screen and swing check valve.

You will need to purchase PVC pipe to trench and bury from pump location to lake's edge, two concrete blocks for anchoring, ventilated housing for your pump (dog houses, benches and rose bushes all work great) and a concrete pad for the pump.

Direct Line Fountains

Direct line fountains include polyethylene floats, stainless steel crossbar, nylon ropes for anchoring and 100' of fire hose with PVC fittings for discharge. Small direct line fountains include your choice of nozzle. Call us and we'll be happy to configure your fountain.

Note: The Direct Line fountain attaches to an irrigation or fill line; therefore, its specifications depend on the pressure provided by your existing system.

Traditional Fountains

Traditional fountains include control panel (NEMA 3R box with timer, GFCI, surge protection, breakers), Grundfos® pump and motor, polyethylene floats, stainless steel frame, nylon ropes for anchoring, stainless steel intake screen, choice of nozzle and 100 feet of #4/4 PVC-jacketed electric pump cable. Larger sizes of electrical cable are available for longer runs in 50' increments.

These fountains are considered "special-order" and require a nonrefundable 50% deposit before order is processed.